Bauer NE Bluetooth



Entrance door handle with Close Field Technology that allows lock to be unlocked by having a paired device in close proximity … just push one button!

Android and iOS apps for operating and managing locks via Bluetooth.

  • Pair with multiple devices!
  • Bank-grade encryption.
  • Keeps track of locking/unlocking history.
  • App indicates battery life for Bauer NE and keeps track of locking/unlocking history.
  • Alsentis HSS keypad technology.
  • Self-contained power with 4 AA batteries (comes with 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteres – recommended).
  • ONE KEY! Match the lock to other Bauer locks (OPTIONAL … select key below if desired)!
  • An Intelligent Keyless Entry System which knows the position of the deadbolt and indicates low battery strength, as well as providing audible feedback to successful locking and unlocking functions.
  • The key will always be able to operate the paddle or deadbolt lock in case of the user forgetting the code or dead battery.
  • Programmable with a 4-digit PIN number.
  • Touch Indicator Light that indicates each touch with a blue light, proper code entry with green light, error with red light, and amber light when battery is low.
  • It is retrofittable in most RV entry doors (2 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ cutout) and is easy to install.

(Compatible with IOS10 or later, Android 7 or later)


Link to iOS app

Link to Android app

NE Bluetooth Support page

NE Bluetooth Instructional Videos