Batteries Really Make a Difference

Ever since we started producing keyless entry locks (NE and EM) we have noticed that some batteries corrode more than others. We also learned some provide more consistent electrical current than other batteries.

We have found Energizers perform the best for our keyless application, and most of us have switched all our other battery-operated products to Energizers as well. Energizers claim to not leak, and we believe them.

Batteries corrode (get white fuzz) because they can leak. The white fuzz is potassium carbonate and accumulates on the negative side of the battery. Essentially, the chemical reaction in an alkaline battery creates hydrogen gas. The gas begins to build pressure and can leak out causing the potassium carbonate to materialize.

Therefore, a non-leaking battery makes a big difference. It is also worth mentioning that a hot environment will increase the gas pressure in a battery. For you science enthusiasts you may recall the Ideal Gas Law that states pressure is directly related to temperature. In other words, if you are located in a very hot environment and using lower quality batteries you are at higher risk of battery leakage.

Here are a few ways to avoid corroded batteries.

  • Use Energizer batteries. We have found these to be the absolute best batteries.
  • Remove the batteries if you are not planning to use your trailer for an extended period of time. The keys will still operate the lock.