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Feel free to visit our Elkhart location if you need some help with Bauer products, or would like to inquire about converting your unit to the Bauer Keyed Alike system.

Please call ahead of time at 574.322.4491 for an appointment.


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tips and maintenance

Protect your keys: Do not store your keys in the unit (good first step to not getting locked out).

Lock Cylinder Maintenance: Each Lock Cylinder contains more than a dozen moving parts whose service life will be extended with some easy maintenance. Especially for locks that are located on the front or back of a vehicle where the environment swirls road dirt and salt on the lock. Therefore, it is important to lubricate the lock cylinder every 30 to 45 days with a WD-40 type lubricant by spraying the lubricant into the key slot. We do not recommend graphite as this tends to attract moisture and accelerate corrosion. Lubricating the lock cylinder in the manner described should provide years of service.

Protect your batteries (applies only to keyless locks): Take batteries out of keyless locks when unit will be in storage or unused for a while. Read this for more battery information.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have my trailer Keyed Alike

Please review the locks on your trailer and check out the selection on our website. Cam lock size is determined by the length of the threaded portion of the housing. If you are unsure what to order, please contact us. We may ask you to email us photos of the locks you currently have.

Is there a tracking number? When will I receive my order?

Most orders are processed and shipped within 2 business days. Keys are typically shipped via USPS and can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered to you. Larger orders are shipped via UPS and a tracking number will be emailed when it is shipped.

Difficulty with inserting the key

Please make sure the key is correct. On some trailers there are different keys for different locks. Using the correct key is important. If the key is correct, then try spraying a WD-40 type lubricant into the key slot and re-inserting the key. Please note, depending on the lock cylinder it might take a couple treatments with the lubricant to free up the tumblers. However, if the wrong key was inserted and bent the tumblers the lock cylinder will not function properly, and the lock should be replaced.

Keyless entry does not light up or extend/retract the deadbolt

Most often the batteries are weak. Try fresh batteries. Battery brand makes a difference. We have had the best experience with Energizer brand. Please note if the battery compartment is corroded then it is likely the circuit board will be damaged and the lock should be replaced. Read this for more battery information.

Operating the keypad does not extend/retract the deadbolt

Please check if the Keypad will operate the deadbolt with the door open. If the deadbolt can extend/retract then the issue might be with the slot in the trailer wall that accepts the plunger and deadbolt. Many times a screwdriver or chisel can remove the material and allow the lock to function properly.

It is hard to open/close the door

Please check to see if the screws on the edge cover and strike plate are not interfering with the door/frame. Sometimes these screws are not tightened or need to be filed down to allow smooth operation. Please verify the strike plate isn’t mounted upside down. Furthermore, please check the gap between the door and door frame. The gap should be even, however, sometimes the gap is tight at the top or bottom causing the door to rub against the frame. Finally, check the underside of the door, in some cases the shipping/installation spacers are still on the door. These are plastic wedges and can be easily popped off.

The two pins on the BP-12RV are hitting the frame

Installation can vary among units/models. Please contact us.

If above steps do not resolve your issue:

If the above suggestions did not improve the situation or if you have an issue not found on this list, then please contact us at 866-682-2837 between 8-4:30 EST M-F and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you!

I live in Canada. How do I order replacement keys?

Currently, Canadian customers must contact our Canadian distributor:

The Lock Shop

700 Simpson St.

Thunder Bay, Ontario P7C 3K1