Vent Shade Upgrade

Bauer Products recently fixed a common problem among many RVers: Interrupted sleep. By combining the innovation of a recessed, pleated, tinted window shade replacement – the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based supplier created an easy-to-install device that darkens rooms called Vent Shade. At supplier shows and the 2017 National RV Trade Show, people walking over to the AP Products table knew exactly what it was for. “It took very little explanation, and then when we told them how easy it was to install, they were even more excited about it,” says Bruce Bacon, president of engineering at Bauer Products. Measuring 16-3/4 inches squared, Vent Shade is a fold that expands like an accordion with a Mylar backing to reflect sunlight. Installation requires taking out four screws from the existing garnish and replacing it with Vent Shade. The installation is quick, and versatile. As a test, the team at Bauer installed it on an array of trailers made from 2004 to 2017. “I’m slower than the average person, and it took me 45 seconds to put it in,” says Bacon, laughing. Vent Shade talks began in February, and it became available in November …  
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