Bauer NE Non-Bluetooth

Product Description
The Bauer NE is a touchpad lock designed for travel trailer applications that features AlSentis HSS Touch Technology. This new technology is absolutely the best touch technology on the market today, which does not need to be “awakened.” It requires less power, resulting in longer battery life, and can distinguish human touch from liquids. The keypad is embossed with the name “Alsentis HSS” to indicate this technology is present. The Bauer NE is a direct replacement for our BP-8RV family of handles and fits in a 2 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ cutout. The NE allows the owner to program a 4-digit PIN for security and convenience. The button labeled “1|2” is the same button whether the number 1 or 2 is desired. Please note this handle uses Touch Technology. The buttons are activated by touch and do not require pressing the buttons. Touch the button and lift finger from button for proper code entry.

THIS IS NOT A BLUETOOTH-CAPABLE LOCK. For the bluetooth version, click here.

Note: The Bauer NE is for towable trailers. The Bauer EM is for motorhome applications.

IMPORTANT: Battery Information

Bauer NE video

Bauer NE Quick Reference Instructions 23 Mar 15

Bauer NE Instructions 23 Mar 15

Bauer NE Assembly RH Drawing

Bauer NE and NE D Cut Out Drawing

If you have a specific key number you would like the lock keyed to, enter that key number below. If you do not enter a key number, the lock will be keyed randomly.

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