Bauer Products, Inc. is pleased to introduce the Bauer NE Bluetooth keyless entry door latch. The NE Bluetooth is a direct replacement for the standard travel trailer latch (meaning it fits the 2 7/8″ x 3 ¾” cut-out).

The NE Bluetooth allows the user to operate the latch by an App (Android or Apple), touch pad, or key.  The features of the App include illustrating battery strength, Bluetooth signal strength, tracking locking/unlocking history, and Close Field Technology. Pair multiple devices to all your Bluetooth handles!

Close Field Technology is activated when the user enables the Proximity Mode on the App. The Proximity Mode allows the latch to be unlocked by touching the enter button the touch pad when a paired device is in rage.

The NE Bluetooth represents a new standard in technology in entrance door latches.